What We Do

Metric Collective is a vertically integrated franchise and technology company.

We own FranchiseHelp, FranFunnel, Oakscale, and Westside Franchise Brands. We develop and invest in franchisors and connect franchisors with potential franchisees through innovation and technology.

Our Brands and Technology

FranchiseHelp is the largest lead generator for franchisors in the country providing them with highly qualified leads through our proprietary matching quiz. It also helps potential franchisees by providing a personalized list of franchises based on their goals, investment budget, interests, and more. FranchiseHelp is a leading resource for information on franchise opportunities and has helped thousands of people go into business for themselves. Our directory of thousands of franchise and business opportunities, FranchiseHelp is changing how people escape the cubicle life to start their own business. The company was named by The Wall Street Journal as one of the most useful sites for entrepreneurs.

FranFunnel is our SaaS product that gives franchisors and franchisees the ability to communicate with their leads more effectively through automated texting. FranFunnel helps franchisees connect with more leads, increasing revenue. FranFunnel serves as the primary way to make contact with new inbound leads and allows your team to do their job more efficiently. FranFunnel is ranked the #1 Technology Supplier by Entrepreneur.  

Our Franchise Development company, Oakscale is a fully outsourced franchise sales organization. Oakscale often partners with Westside Brands, our private equity firm that invests in franchisors. Oakscale helps emerging brands reach their potential.


Who We Work With

We are a trusted industry partner with a well-established reputation and long-standing relationships working with some of the largest brands in the franchise industry. UFG, Neighborly, Belfor Group, Loyalty Brands – to name a few.

If you’re in franchising and not working with the Metric team, you should be. Contact us to find out how we can help leverage our technology and expertise for you.